Our NEW product, the OrthoSlenderizer is a cordless, rechargeable instrument that reduces IPR to seconds, rather than minutes, saving valuable doctor time and facilitating better treatment. 

Pairing a powerful reciprocating motor with a proven abrasive diamond coated perforated strip, the OrthoSlenderizer's 100 strokes per second makes quick work of any IPR requirement. Blades flex to round line angles, and can be sterilized for multiple procedures.

Interproximal Reduction (IPR) has been an accepted adjunct to orthodontic treatment for many years. Its scientific basis was verified by P.R. Begg in the 1950's. Sheridan advocated IPR as an effective way to create space in order to alleviate crowding. Proclination and expansion can be kept to a minimum thereby enhancing stability. 


Align Technologies made a quantum leap in tooth mass/arch length analysis from a brass wire and plastic ruler to precise measurements from PVS impressions. Using IPR, we are able to refine upper and lower tooth widths to exacting levels thus achieving the best possible interdigitation.


IPR can be accomplished by mechanical means, using burrs and spinning disks, or manually, with finishing strips. Both procedures require considerable doctor time. Reducing a contact by .3mm with strips is, as you probably know, tedious for the doctor and extremely uncomfortable for the patient. Spinning disks are potentially dangerous, and consequently stressful for both patient and doctor.

I think you'll find the OrthoSlenderizer is a superior, cost-effective alternative to conventional IPR modalities.
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